Ceno Wireless Charger

A leading Company in the area of Wireless electric charging,wireless communication,and Wireless Electricity.

CenoTECH Wireless Charger

Established in 2006, Cenotech is Electronics Component Company growing as one axis of Korean Electronics Industry.
Cenotech is doing its best to develop and manufacture to meet the diverse requirements of customers based on the reliability and qualified technology.

The final aim of Cenotech Technology is help customers to obtain the highest efficiency of Consumer Products and Cenotech will
endeavour to become a Company to promote the National Economy and Consumers’ life.


2016 May.

2015 Apr.

2013 Nov.

2013 Apr.

2013 Mar.

2012 May.

2009 Jun.

2006 Jul.

2006 Jun.

Registered as Telecommunication Business
(Sale of Wireless electric charger of mobile phone/Domestic and international electronic commerce)

Currently, delievering LP antenna core to Hyundai Motors new model ticson

Established Corporate R&D center.(certification)

Venture company certification.(The Small and Medium Industry promotion Corporation)

Obtained TS16949, ISO 9001 Quality Certification(ANFOR CERTIFICATION)

Move Headquarter and factory to Chungju Industry Complex/Switch from Material specialized
industry to Component specialized industry

Developed FRICTION ROD for Mobile phone Camera(delievered to Samsung Electric Co.)

Developed Inductor Core for LCD TV(Delievered to Samsung and LGE 2nd Vendor)

Foundation of the Company.


A Company wishing to share the dreams.






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Endless R&D activity

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Customer Satisfaction

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The reflection of customer’s
opinion of improvement