Electric Component For Vehicle/Tractor

Cenotech Coil Unit

Coil Unit

Cenotech is commited to make a clean earth based on Cenotech capability and experiences.

Lead the Wireless electric charging market based on Cenotech Capability and Experiences.

  • Maintain the convenience of wireless by eliminating the wired inconvenience.
  • By realizing the wireless Electric power source which was the hurdle toward the wireless, Cenotech will devote in the great energy saving.
아이콘 Product Differentiation.

  • Research and Development based on the Efficiency.
  • By adding multifunctions, Cenotech provides a convenience and satisfaction to consumers and furthermore provide
           the Cost competivetive Product.
아이콘Product Descriptions

  • Rx
Cenotech Coil Unit
아이콘Product Descriptions

  • Tx
아이콘 The development of Wireless Charging New Product.

  • The multitude Wireless charger(under development).
  • Cenotech is developing new state of art technology to promote the new Wireless charging market and the convenience of Consumers.