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Cenotech Transformer


The Core Element of Electric and Electronics!! The best Quality will be provided.

The Transformer is the Core Element of Electricity. Cenotech transformer contains both production technology that provides thorough
quality and developing technology that is required by customers. Cenotech delievers diverse Products customized on top of the diverse
standards of products.

  • Cenotech is prepared to meet the diverse Vehicle products that require high quality.
  • Including diverse transformer materials that are used in LED, SMPS.
  • Customized Coils for the special purpose
  • Cenotech provides both diverse standard Coils
Cenotech Transformer
아이콘OEM /ODM Product

The optimized design technology to meet the reqirements.

The satisfaction of diverse quality requirements in Winding, Core and others.

  • - To be used for the LTE Infrastructure System.
  • - To be used for the High Voltage.
아이콘 Standard Transformer.

Placing Order, manufacturing of Products.

EE type, EFD type, ETD type etc.